March 28-April 6, 2022

Family Shopping Night
Thursday, March 31, 4:00-8:00 pm

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Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose $13

Coming April 5!

Pre-purchase the newest book in the Cat Kid Comic Club series NOW and receive your book at the end of the Book Fair!

cat kid comic club on purpose.jpg


Table 1.jpg

$10 Dinnertime Survival Guide

$20 Harry Potter Baking Book

$16 Taste of Home Chicken

$10 Secret Restaurant Recipes

$10 Whole New You

$20 The Lighter Step-by-Step Instant Pot

$18 Beautiful Boards

$5 Hershey’s Decadent Delights

$10 Taste of Home Fall Baking

$20 Taste of Home

     Ultimate Baking Cookbook

$18 Taste of Home

     What Can I Cook in My…

$30 The New Frontier

$8 Itsy Bitsy Spider

$3 Paw Patrol Rock Star Rescue (with chalk)

$3 Olaf and the Three Polar Bears

$2 Lady and the Tramp How Lady Met Tramp

$2 Frozen 2 We’ll Always Have Each Other

$2 Dumbo

$17 Shimmer and Shine Kitchen Magic

$5 Peppa Pig Is Kind

$11 It’s Nice to Be a Narwhal

$13 Sticker by Number Ocean Treasures

$13 Sticker by Number Amazing Animals

$10 Sticker Photo Mosaic

$7 Blippi Alphabet Fun! (with CD)

$13 LEGO Star Wars Book of the Force

     (with minifigure)

$8 I Love My Tutu Too!

$8 Slide and Surprise In the Snow

$11 Never Touch a Panda!

$10 Never Touch a Tiger!

$12 Bubbles

$13 Disney Junior Phonics

$10 Football’s Greatest

Table 2.jpg
Table 3.jpg

$10 Love It Stationery Set

$10 Magic Mermaids

$13 Barbie Big City Big Dreams

     (with charm bracelet)

$7 Click, Clack, Goodnight

$7 The Three Little Superpigs

$2 Yo! Yes?

$13 Ten Tiny Racers

$5 Sunny Day Welcome to the Pet Parlor

$5 Everything Awesome About Dinosaurs

     and Other Prehistoric Beasts!

$5 Animal Attack (with stickers)

$11 I Am a Firefighter

$10 The Pop Pets

$11 Be Fabulous Like a Flamingo!

$11 Never Touch a Snake

$3 Pikmi Pops Top-Secret Surprise Planner

$2 Lucky Bunnies Sky’s Surprise

$2 Bookshelf Keychain

$3 Floral Notepad

$5 Chomp!

$2 Hello, My Name Is…

     How Adorabilis Got His Name

$2 Royal Dogs

$19 We Shall Overcome

$19 In the Spirit of a Dream

$4 Little Red Riding Hood

$5 Insta Graphics

$5 Fancy Nancy Tie Your Shoes!

$5 Shimmer and Shine

     Adventure Is a Treasure

$19 Change Sings

$2 The Brain Is Kind of a Big Deal

$5 Dream Big

$5 Puppy Dog Pals Mission: Learn to Write

     (with dry-erase marker)

$5 Pinkalicious Phonics Box

$3 LOL Pranks

$9 Little Happy Dreamer

$5 Mulan The Palace of Secrets

$5 ABC Mindful Me

$3 Bedtime Adventures

$3 Lambslide

Table 4.jpg

Cart 1-Fun Facts and Favorite Characters

Cart 1A.jpg

$15 National Geographic Kids

     Almanac 2021

$7 What Makes a Monster?

$5 Dogs in Disguise?

$8 Dragons in 3D

$13 Dragons and Other Legendary Creatures

     (with skeleton kit)

$6 Puppies! (with puzzle erasers)

$10 Cutest Puppies Ever!

$10 Itsy Bitsy Cuties

$9 World’s Most Adorkable Animals

     (with erasers)

$11 Cutest Jungle Animals Ever! 

$10 Run! Reptile (with reptile minifigures)

$6 Forest Babies (with erasers)

$12 Tigers

$2 Rhinos

$8 Who Would Win?

     Extreme Animal Rumble

$8 Hot Lava! (with metallic slime)

$6 What If You Could Sniff Like a Shark?

$7 Super Sharks

$10 Hungry for Fun! (with necklace)

$6 What If You Had and Animal Tongue?

$9 Into the Jungle

$6 Dinosaurs (with 3D glasses)

$10 LEGO Dinosaur Adventure

     (with minifigure)

$11 My Awesome Dinosaur Book

$9 Dinosaur Bites (with necklace)

$11 My Awesome Jungle Book

Cart 1B.jpg
Cart 1C.jpg

$10 Year in Sports 2022

$10 Anna, Elsa, and the Secret River

$15 Spirits of the Enchanted Forest

     (with charm bracelet)

$16 Baseball’s Record Breakers

$5 Megalodon (with skeleton kit)

$10 Pokemon Legendary

     and Mythical Guidebook

$15 Pokemon Super Extra Deluxe

     Essential Handbook

$10 Pokemon Handbook to the Galar Region

$13 LEGO Ninjago Secrets of the Ninja

     (with minifigure)

$13 LEGO Crazy Fun! (with minifigure)

$10 LEGO I Love That Minifigure!

     (with minifigure)

$22 LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions

     (with gear kit)

$4 LEGO Epic Character Handbook

     (with poster)

$6 Minecraft Survival Mode!

$3 LEGO Star Wars Epic Space Adventures

     (with minifigure)

$10 LEGO Night Patrol! (with minifigure)

$9 LEGO Welcome to Gotham City

     (with minifigure)

$19 LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Character Encyclopedia (with minifigure)

$13 LEGO Garmadon’s Bad Guy

     Training Manual (with minifigure)

$10 LEGO NInjago Golden Ninja

     (with minifigure)

$15 LEGO Ninjago Master the Dragons (with minifigure)

$22 LEGO Visual Dictionary (with minifigure)

$15 LEGO Mission Fun! (with minifigure)

$7 DIsney Villains Three Wicked Tales

$13 Jasmine Journal

$12 My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew

     (with minifigure)

$7 A World of Colors

$10 LEGO Meet the Princesses (with minikit)

$13 Disney Princesses Journal

Cart 1D.jpg

Cart 2-Easy Readers

Cart 2A.jpg

$2 Mulan Loyal Brave True

$10 Pete the Kitty and the Groovy Playdate

$18 Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party

$19 Pete the Cat Crayons Rock!

$13 Pete the Cat’s Groovy Guide to Kindness

$5 Pete the Cat Super Pete

$5 Pete the Cat and the Surprise Teacher

$5 Pete the Kitty Ready, Set, Go-Cart

$5 Pete the Cat Goes Camping

$5 Pete the Cat’s Family Road Trip

$5 Team PJ Masks

$5 PJ Masks Race for the Ring

$5 Sparkly New Friends

$2 Yeti A Good Team

$2 Don’t Worry, Bee Happy

$5 I Am a Super Girl!

$5 King & Kayla and the Case

     of the Lost Tooth

$5 Croc and Ally Friends Forever

$5 Surf’s Up!

$5 A Friend for Dragon

$5 Elbow Grease Get Out and Play

$7 Red Titan and the Runaway Robot

$8 Spidey and His Amazing Friends

     Spidey Saves the Day

$4 Guinness World Records Daring Dogs

$4 Misty Copeland When I Grow Up

$7 Tooth Fairy’s Lost Wand (with necklace)

$7 Unicorn Rescue (with necklace)

$2 Luke on the Loose

$5 The Gingerbread Pup

$5 Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids

$5 Hello, Crabby

$4 You Can Make a Friend, Pout-Pout Fish

$5 The Three Little Narwhals

$6 Fangs!

$2 Dino Record Breakers

Cart 2B.jpg
Cart 2C.jpg

$7 Little Eva Loves

$7 Thank You, Mr. Panda

$9 Hello, Baby Shark

$18 We Love You, Mr. Panda

$2 Fresh Princess

$5 Lucky Pups!

$8 I Am Doug the Pug

$2 A Visit to the Vet

$5 Fancy Nancy: Operation Fix Marabelle

$5 Elbow Grease

$5 Meet John Cena

$5 Dream March

$6 Are You Ready to Play Outside?

$6 We Are in a Book!

$6 A Big Guy Took My Ball!

$6 Waiting Is Not Easy!

$4 Ninja on the Job

$5 There Was an Old Astronaut

     Who Swallowed the Moon!

$6 There Was an Old Scientist

     Who Swallowed a Dinosaur!

$13 Who Is the Mystery Reader?

$4 Fly Guy Presents Monster Trucks

$5 Fly Guy Presents Weird Animals

$7 Fly Guy & Fly Girl Night Fright

$5 Fly Guy & Fly Girl Friendly Frenzy

$7 Fly Guy and the Alienzz

$7 Attack of the 50-Foot Fly Guy

$13 Anna and Elsa Journal

$6 Spirits of Nature (with stickers)

$5 Yasmin the Superhero

$13 I Lost My Tooth!

$13 Barbie 5-Minute Stories

$6 Diary of an Ice Princess

     Frost Friends Forever

$6 Anna & Elsa All Hail the Queen

Cart 2D.jpg

Cart 3-Picture Books

Cart 3A.jpg

$7 There Was an Old Lady

     Who Swallowed a Truck!

$7 Elbow Grease Fast Friends

$5 Macca the Alpaca

$6 Speak Up, Molly Lou Melon

$18 Be You!

$15 Monster Trucks! (with mini truck)

$7 Pout-Pout Fish and the Mad, Mad Day

$6 Love to the World

$5 Bluey

$7 Chicken Little and the Big Bad Wolf

$2 Eat Your Rocks, Croc!

$8 We Will Rock Our Classmates

$6 Not Quite Snow White

$6 Go Away, Unicorn!

$6 Don’t Call Me Bear

$6 Pig the Tourist

$6 Pig the Slob

$5 Pig the Fibber

$7 Pig the Monster

$7 Ryan’s Dinosaur Egg-Venture!

$7 Ryan’s Pizza Party

$7 Ryan’s Mystery Playdate Who Will It Be?

$2 There’s Nothing to Do!

$7 Moon! Earth’s Best Friend

Cart 3B.jpg
Cart 3C.jpg

$17 The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!

$18 The Children’s Moon

$18 Lost and Found

$18 Stick and Stone Best Friends Forever

$2 I Love You, Baby Shark

$5 Baby Shark

$6 What About Harry?

$5 Caps for Sale

$6 Paw Patrol Big City

$7 The Couch Potato

$6 The Cool Bean

$6 The Bad Seed

$7 Perfect

$6 Suki Goes with the Flow

$5 Strega Nona

$6 Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

$6 Mighty, Mighty Construction Site

$6 The Grumpy Pirate

$5 The Kissing Hand

$5 The Princess and the Pony

$6 Bulldozer Helps Out

$5 Count the Monkeys

$6 Worrysaurus

$2 Grumpy Cat

Cart 3D.jpg

Cart 4-Picture Books

Cart 4A.jpg

$19 Llama Llama Loose Tooth Drama

$10 Llama Llama Loves to Read

$15 The ABC’s of Black History

$7 Unicorn Club

$7 Groovicorn in the City

$8 I’ll Be Your Dog

$6 Paw Patrol Ready, Race, Rescue

$7 Camilla the Cupcake Fairy

$7 Goodnight, Butterfly

$6 The Little Butterfly that Could

$7 Do Not Open This Book

$5 Peppa’s Rainbow

$6 Puppy Dance Party!

$8 The Little Blue Bridge

$6 Itty Bitty Kitty-Corn

$7 Llama Glamarama

$6 Bloop

$7 Dino Ranch Blitz Breaks Loose!

$6 Clifford Big New Friend

$6 Kitten Fairy’s Garden Magic

$7 Eyes that Kiss in the Corners

$6 You Are Enough

$7 All Are Welcome

Cart 4B.jpg
Cart 4C.jpg

$19 Ruth Objects:

     The Life of Ruth Bader GInsburg

$15 I Am Love

$18 Blue Sky White Stars

$19 Let Liberty Rise!

$5 Is It Passover Yet?

$6 How to Catch the Easter Bunny

$6 Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter

$6 Paw Patrol Let’s Visit the Doctor

$6 Alma and How She Got Her Name

$8 You Are a Star, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

$7 Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel 

$6 Dog Breath: The Horrible Trouble

     with Hally Tosis 

$6 Hair Love 

$6 Pearl and Squirrel Give Thanks

$6 The Way Home for Wolf

$6 Duck on a Tractor

$6 The Elephant’s New Shoe

$7 Just Add Glitter

$6 The Three Little Superpigs

     Once Upon a Time 

$8 The Cat Just Wants Kittens 

$6 My Wish for You 

$5 I Just Want to Say Good Night 

$4 The Little Explorer: A Pioneer Primer 

$5 Blobfish Book: A Book All About Me 

Cart 4D.jpg

Cart 5-Chapter Books

Cart 5A.jpg

$19 Time For School. Little Blue Truck 

$10 Love You by Heart

$13 Captain Underpants and the Terrifying

     Return of Tippy TinkleTrousers 

$2 The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants:

     George Harold’s Epic Comix

     Collection Vol. 2

$13 Captain Underpants and the

     Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks a Lot

$5 Press Start! Super Rabbit All-Stars

$13 Cat Kid Comic Club

$13 Cat Kid Comic Club Perspectives 

$10 Dog Man 

$10 Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild 

$13 Dog Man: Fetch-22 

$13 Dog Man: Mothering Heights

$10 Captain Underpants and the

     Preposterous Plight of the Purple

     Potty People 

$13 Dog Man: Paw-Some Journal 

$7 The Bad Guys: Dawn of the Under Lord 

$7 The Bad Guys: Cut to the Chase

$7 The Bad Guys: They’re Bee-Hind You! 

$7 The Bad Guys

$6 Press Start!  Super Cheat Codes

     and Secret Modes!

$5 Press Start! Robo Rabbit Boy, Go!

$10 Class Pets: Fuzzy Fights Back 

$10 Bad Kitty Joins the Team 

$2 Hot Dogs

$7 Monday: Into The Cave of Thieves 

$6 Kung Pow Chicken: Jurassic Peck 

$2 The Binder of Doom: Brute-Cake 

$7 Bad Food Game of Scones

$6 The Bad Guys: The Biggest Baddest

     Fill-In Book Ever! 

$5 Dragon Ball the Adventure Begins!

$5 Haggis And Tank Unleashed:

     Digging For Dinos 

$8 Geronimo Stilton: Geronimo On Ice

$8 The Bailey School Kids:

     Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots

$8 Investigators 

$5 Geronimo Stilton The Graphic Novel

$5 Magic Treehouse:Warriors In Winter

$6 Ranger In Time

     Escape From The Twin  Towers

Cart 5B.jpg
Cart 5C.jpg

$8 The Dinky Donkey 

$18 Good Night, Little Blue Truck 

$15 Dog Breed Guide 

$9 Mr. Corbett Is in Orbit!

$2 Wild Rescuers: Guardian of the Taiga 

$20 History: The Past as You’ve Never

     Seen It Before

$7 The Puppy Place: Fluffy & Freckles

$2 Lily To The Rescue 

$6 Lily To The Rescue: Two Little Piggies
$5 Diary Of A Pug: Pause for A Cause

$6 Diary Of A Pug: Pug’s Sleepover

$6 Diary Of A Pug: Scaredy Pug 

$7 The Underdogs

$5 Layla And The Bots: Happy Paws

$5 Dr. Kitty Cat: Pumpkin The Hamster

$6 Itty Bitty Princess Kitty The Newest Princess

$5 Owl Diaries: Eva In The Spotlight

$6 Owl Diaries: Get Well, Eva

$5 Unicorn Diaries: Bo’s Magical

     New Friend

$5 Unicorn Diaries: Bo and the Dragon-Pup

$6 Unicorn Diaries:

     Storm on Snowbelle Mountain 

$7 The Truth About Unicorns

     (with unicorn flinger)

$7 Melowy Dreams Come True

$6 Cutiecorn Heart Of Gold 

$5 Peachy and Keen: A School Tail  

$6 Mermaids to the Rescue:

     Lana Swims North 

$7 Mermicorn Island: Too Many Dolphins 

     (with eraser)

$7 Mermaids To The Rescue:

     Nixie Makes Waves 

$6 Dragon Girls: Naomi the Rainbow

     Glitter Dragon 

$6 Dragon Girls: Azmina the Gold

     Glitter Dragon 

$4 Zoe’s Rescue Zoo: The Lonely Lion Cub 

$10 Dolphin Island: A Daring Rescue

$7 JoJo & BowBow The Posh Puppy Pageant 

$6 Whatever After: Good As Gold

$6 Whatever After: Spill The Beans 

$7 Whatever After: Abby In Oz

$5 Ellie Ultra, An Extraordinary Girl 

$2 Once Upon A Fairytale: The Magic Mirror

Cart 5D.jpg

Cart 6-Favorite Authors & Series and Did You Know?

Cart 6A.jpg

$20 Horses: The Definitive Catalog

     of Horse and Pony Breeds

$9 Ocean Monsters 

$9 Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Skeletons 

$6 Where Is The Serengeti?

$6 Where Is The Congo? 

$6 Who Was P.T Barnum? 

$6 Who Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg? 

$8 Who Sparked the Montgomery

     Bus Boycott? Rosa Parks

$6 Who Were the Navajo Code Talkers? 

$20 Who Was? Set of 4 

     Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Jane

     Goodall, George Washington Carver

$6 Where Is Area 51? 

$20 Where Is? Set of 4

     Alcatraz, Bermuda Triangle, Area 51,


$20 Where Is? Set of 4

     Amazon, Grand Canyon, Great Barrier

     Reef, Antarctica

$18 Dinosaur Face-Off

$17 Shark! 

$17 Predators

$15 Animal Knowledge Genius 

$20 Super Dinosaur Encyclopedia

$10 Rock On! Fossils (with fossils)

$11 Rock On! (with rocks)

$10 Rock On! Gems (with gemstones)

$11 Rock On! Crystals (with crystals) 

$10 Gross Science (with bug minifigures)

$20 How Things Work:

     The Inner Life  Of Everyday Machines

$13 Periodic Table (with cards) 

$10 Slime Science (with slime) 

$11 Shark Food (with squishy)

Cart 6B.jpg
Cart 6C.jpg

$9 The Truth About Cats & Dogs

$7 Shark

$20 Weather

$13 20 Experiments Challenge

$9 Sharks: Predators At Sea 

$18 Nazi Saboteurs 

$19 The Racers

$9 The Greatest Treasure Hunt In History 

$19 We Had To Be Brave 

$7 Escaping The Nazis on The


$7 Making Bombs For Hitler

$8 Word Of Mouse

$8 Framed

$18 We Are Family 

$7 Hello, Universe 

$18 Barakah Beats

$8 Front Desk 

$18 Room to Dream 

$19 Out of My Heart

$8 Blended

$9 Other Words from Home

$18 Pony

$10 White Bird, a Wonder Story

$5 Augie & Me: Three Wonder Stories 

$25 Wonder: Illustrated Edition

$9 Scary Stories For Young Foxes

$8 Dog Driven 

$19 Mananaland

$8 Wayside School

     Beneath The Cloud Of Doom 

$9 Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky 

$10 Magnus Chase

     and the Gods of Asgard 

$6 Slacker

$17 Becoming Muhammad Ali 

$5 Out at Home

$8 Song for a Whale

$8 The Plot to Kill Hitler

Cart 6D.jpg

Cart 7-Inspiring Tales and Friends Forever

$9 125 Pet Rescues

$13 SnapDragon 

$9 Show Me History: Abraham Lincoln 

$7 Pizza and Taco Best Party Ever

$15 The Loud House

$13 Warriors: Ravenpaw’s Path 

$8 Bella’s Story 

$7  Bailey’s Story 

$7 Molly’s Story 

$7 Finding Gobi

$7 Pumpkin’s Story

$8 My Otter Half

$8 Lily’s Story 

$8 Must Love Pets, Friends Fur-Ever

$6 Arf

$7 A Guard Dog Named Honey 

$7 Dirt

$2 Racing in the Rain 

$17 The One and Only Bob 

$9 The One and Only Ivan 

$7 Alpaca My Bags 

$8 Wish Upon a Story

$5 Major Drama 

$7 Random Acts of Kitten 

$6 Dolphin Dreams

$7 Nubby’s Story 

$8 Picture Perfect 

$8 This Is Not a Drill 

$2 Lila And Hadley

$2 Her Own Two Feet 

$8 Sara Lost and Found 

$10 Beforever Maryellen 1954 

$2 Free Rein Truth or Mare

$8 Julie And The Phantoms

     Whatever Happens

$2 Descendants 

$2 Highschool Musical in the Spotlight

$3 Highschool Musical Novelization 

$7 Karma’s World The Great

     Shine-A-Thon Showcase

Cart 7B.jpg
Cart 7C.jpg

$11 Karen's Worst Day 

$11 Karen’s School Picture

$11 Karen’s Roller Skates

$5 Stargazing 

$2 Princess Diana of the Amazons 

$2 Owly: The Way Home 

$7 Narwhal’s Otter Friend

$14 Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So- Best

     Friend Forever 

$8 Join The Club, Maggie Diaz

$13 Becoming Brianna 

$10 Animal Rescue Friends

$13 Clash 

$13 Sunny Makes A Splash 

$14 Welcome To Wonderland

     Beach Party Surf Monkey 

$7 Hot Cocoa Hearts

$13 Absolutely Nat 

$14 Boy-Crazy Stacey 

$13 Kristy and the Snobs

$13 Logan Likes Mary Anne!

$13 Good-Bye Stacey, Good-Bye 

$13 Smile

$13 Sisters 

$13 Guts

$4 Mermaid Journal

$13 Kittycorn Journal

$13 Ice Cream Journal 

$5 Llamacorn Magical Vibes Journal 

$6 Twintuition Double Trouble 

$7 Out of My Shell 

$5 The Search For Wondla 

$7 Graceful 

$ How To Speak Dolphin 

$7 Jubilee 

$8 Love Like Sky 

$6 Best Friends for Never 

$5 CEO Cleo Eddison Oliver

     in Persuasion Power 

$7 Stealing Our Way Home 

$17 Beverly, Right Here

Cart 7D.jpg
Cart 7A.jpg

Cart 8-Life Can Be Funny and Fearless

Cart 8A.jpg

$5 Far Out Fairy Tales 

$13 Goldilocks Wanted Dead Or Alive 

$14 I Funny School Of Laughs 

$17 Audacity Jones to the Rescue 

$13 I Want to Sleep under the Stars

$9 Clifford the Big Red Dog 

$7 The Handbook: No More Rules

$6 Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go to School 

$9 The Sloth Life Dream On! 

$9 Might As Wool 

$8 Klepticorn:s Surviving The Sparkle 

$9 Catwad I's Me, Two. 

$9 Catwad Me, Three

$8 Doug The Pug Food For Thought 

$2 Night of the Living Ted

$8 The Friendship War

$8 The Boy Who Failed Show and Tell 

$13 Class Act

$8 It's The End of the World

     and I'm in My Bathing Suit

$8 Marcus Makes a Movie

$11 Linked 

$8 Super Gifted

$9 Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid:

     Rowley Jefferson's Journal 

$10 Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome

     Friendly Adventure 

$10 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Big Shot 

$10 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Deep End

$9 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball 

$9 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown

$10 LEGO Batman’s Guide To His Worst

     Bad Guys (with minifigure)

$8 The Seventh Wish 

$13 Miles Morales: Shock Waves

$5 She-Ra Princess Of Power

     Rebel Princess Guide

$10 Big Nate Payback Time !

$2 Secret Hero Society: Detention of Doom 

$2 Secret Hero Society: Science Fair Crisis

Cart 8B.jpg
Cart 8C.jpg

$13 Big Book of Who All-Stars

$20 DudePerfect 101 Tricks, Tips,

     and Cool Stuff 

$8 Bound for Home 

$13 History’s Mysteries, Legends and Lore

$13 2022 Book of World Records

$8 The Last Shadow Warrior 

$2 Game of Stars

$9 Force of Fire 

$2 Last Gate of the Emperor

$8 Stay Alive

$8 Wild River 

$2 Wildfire

$15 Disaster Challenge: Will You Survive?

     (with compass)

$11 I Survived Graphic Novel:

     The Attack of the Grizzlies, 1967 

$11 I Survived Graphic Novel:

     The Shark Attacks of 1976 

$11 I Survived Graphic Novel:

     The Attacks of September 11, 2001 

$5 I Survived:

     The Attack of the Grizzlies, 1967

$6 I Survived:

     The Galveston Hurricane,1900 

$6 I Survived: The California Wildfire 2018 

$6 I Survived:

     The Great Molasses Flood,1919 

$6 I Survived:

     The San Francisco Earthquake, 1906

$8 Traitors Among Us 

$8 Trapped in Hitler's Web  

$2 The Plot to Kill Hitler Book 1: Conspiracy 

$7 The Plot to Kill Hitler Book 2: Execution 

$7 The Plot to Kill Hitler Book 3: Escape

$8 Escape from Chernobyl 

$11 Ground Zero 

$17 Code Word Courage 

$7 My Survival: A Girl on Schindler’s List

$7 Out of Hiding 

$7 Signs of Survival 

$9 Torpedoed: The Story of World War II 

$8 Resistance

$8 Words on Fire 

$9 Rescue 

$8 Concealed

Cart 8D.jpg

Cart 9-Chills & Thrills and Game On!

Cart 9A.jpg

$2 Frightville: Don't Let The Doll In 

$10 Forensic Files: How Science Solves

     Baffling Cases

$13 Animorphs: The Invasion 

$13 Hidden Treasures (with treasure chest)

$10 Cats React Science Facts

$5 Just Beyond The Scare School 

$13 Took: A Ghost Story Graphic Novel 

$8 Took 

$2 Guest

$8 Liars’ Room 

$9 Haunted World 

$8 I Know Your Secret 

$8 Vacancy 

$8 Escape

$8 Mine 

$3 Pieces of Why 

$8 Slappy’s World Please Do Not

     Feed The Weirdo 

$7 Follow Me

$7 Hidden 

$15 R.I.P (book with pen)

$7 The Forgotten Girl 

$8 The Girl In The Lake

$6 The Bronze Key

$9 Legends of the Sky

$5 Rise of the Dragons (with collectible cards)

$13 The Last Kids on Earth: June’s Wild Flight

$13 The Last Kids on Earth

     and the Skeleton Road

$13 The Last Kids on Earth

     Thrilling Tales from the Tree House

$14 The Last Kids on Earth

     and the Doomsday Race

$7 Disney Chills: Part of Your Nightmare

$13 Wings of Fire: the Brightest Night

$8 Dragon Ops

$13 Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir

$7 Wings of Fire: The Winglets Quartet

$5 Rise of the Dragons: The Lost Lands

$17 Wings of Fire: The Poison Jungle

$10 Wings of Fire: Dragonslayer

$8 Battle Dragons

Cart 9B.jpg
Cart 9C.jpg

$2 Battle Station Prime

     Escape from Fortress City

$3 ESports the Ultimate Guide

$5 Roblox the Essential Guide

$10 Subway Surfers Official Game Guide

$10 Hello Neighbor

     The Neighbor’s Notebook

$9 Plants vs. Zombies

$5 The Legendary World of Zelda

$2 The Hero’s Guide to Saving the Kingdom

$5 Star Wars: Poe Dameron Flight Log

$10 The Battle for the Dragon’s Temple

$10 Bravelands Broken Pride

$18 The Silver Mask

$5 The Harlem Charade

$9 The Imposter’s Guide to Among Us

$13 Hello Neighbor

     The Secret of Bosco Bay

$8 Hello Neighbor Buried Secrets

$8 Hello Neighbor Bad Blood

$8 Hello Neighbor Missing Pieces

$12 FGTeeV Saves the World!

$8 The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

$10 Popular MMOs Enter the Mine

$5 Popular MMOs Zombies’ Day Off

$12 Popular MMOs Into the Overworld

$10 Traysaurus and the Enchanted Crystal

$9 20 Games to Create with Scratch

$4 Go Gaming!

$20 Minecraft Master Builder

     Mega Metropolis

$11 Minecraft Journal

$7 Minecraft Deep DIve!

$10 The Ultimate Builder’s Guide in Minecraft

$10 Minecraft Epic Builds

$10 Roblox Build It, Win It!

$20 Roblox A Complete Guide

Cart 9D.jpg

Cart 10-Get Creative

Cart 10A.jpg

$10 Minecraft Master Builder Dragons

$10 Dungeons & Dragons

     Warriors & Weapons

$10 Dungeons & Dragons

     Monsters & Creatures

$3 Animal Crossing New Horizons

     Residents’ Handbook

$8 Hungry Shark Official Shark-tastic Guide

$9 Wacky Wild Animals

$13 Share Your Smile

$3 Escape This Book The Cursed Castle

$7 Squishy Plush Keychain

$5 Pop Spinner

$5 Rainbow Gel Pen Pack

$3 Popular MMOs A Hole New

     Activity Book

$11 Dog Man Guide to Creating

     Comics in 3D

$15 Make Your Own NERF Launchers

$20 The Battle of Hogwarts and the Magic 

     Used to Defend It (with wand)

$3 Rubber Journal

$11 Disney Kingdom Hearts Journal

$8 Pop Pops

$10 Pixel Journal

$13 Fantastic Beasts Hidden Creatures

     Scratch Magic

$4 Top Secret Stationery Tin

$20 The Wand Chooses the Wizard

     (with wand)

$8 Mandalorian Grogu Activity Journal

$15 The Mandalorian Handbook

$11 Fast & Furious Comictivity

     (with pencil topper)

$15 The Secrets of Astrology

$12 Koob The Backwards Book

$10 Castle A Fold-Out Kingdom

Cart 10B.jpg
Cart 10C.jpg

$6 Test Tube Science

$16 Dinosaur Digs

$17 Hidden Gems

$10 Maker Genius

$16 Space Rocks

$13 Kawaii Cuties Scratch & Sketch

$14 Leopard Fur Journal

$4 Glitter Stationery Box

$11 My Star Sign Journal (with necklace)

$12 Pop Zipper Pouch

$5 Story of My Life Journal

$13 Sparkly Unicorn Journal

$5 Paris Journal (with squishy)

$4 Good Vibes Journal

$13 Rainbow Daydream Soap Kit

$4 Patches Squishy Gel Pouch Set

$4 Cruella DeVille Journal

$4 Hot Cocoa Magic Stationery Box

$10 Donut Stationery Box

$13 Panda Stationery Set

$13 Blue Hues Journal

$3 Beanie Boos Scratch & Sketch Sleepover

$5 Slime Time

$13 Unicorn Fantasy Sketch Portfolio Set

$15 Team Unicorn Mini Locker

$10 JoJo’s Guide to the Sweet Life

Cart 10D.jpg

Axolotl Stickers

Different stickers will be available each day

Axolotl stickers cannot be purchased online

Axolotl stickers are 25 cents each

SS Axolotl Stickers.jpg

School Supplies Etc.

Please ask for items using the number

Number is indicated by a hashtag #

SS17 Ocean Animal Stress Squeezer $2.jpg
SS18 Mochi Squishies 18 $1.jpg
SS19 Mini Animal Eraser 19 $1.jpg
SS20 Pop Keychain 20 $2.jpg

#17 Boba Ocean Life Stress Ball $2

#18 Mochi Mini Squishy $1

#19 Mini Animal Eraser $1

#20 Pop Keychain $2

SS21 Squishy Astrology Pens 21.jpg
SS22 Pompom Pen 22.jpg
SS23 Mini Scented Mechanical Pencil $1 .jpg
SS24 6-Color Scented Pen $3 .jpg

#21 Astrology Signs Squishy Pen $5

#22 Pom Pom Pen $4

#23 Mini Scented Mechanical Pencil $1

#24 6-Color Scented Pen $3

SS25 Game Eraser 25 $2.jpg
SS26 mermaid tail eraser 26 $3.jpg
SS27 sushi pet eraser 27 $1.jpg
SS28 phone case marker set 28 $5.jpg

#25 Game Gadget Eraser $3

#26 Mermaid Tail Eraser $3

#27 Sushi Pet Eraser $1

#28 Phone Case Marker Set $5

SS29 triple scented highlights 29 $3.jpg
SS30 gummy bear mechanical pencil 30 $3.jpg
SS31 animal partner erasers 31 $1.jpg
SS32 game controller eraser 32 $1.jpg

#29 Triple Scented Highlighter $3

#30 Gummy Bear Mechanical Pencil $3

#31 Animal Partner Erasers $1

#32 Game Controller Eraser

SS33 spy pen 33 $3.jpg
SS34 10 color rainbow pen 34 $3.jpg
SS35 pearl confetti pen 35 $5.jpg
SS36 diamond pen 36 $5.jpg

#33 UV Spy Pen $3

#34 10-Color Rainbow Pen $3

#35 Floating Pearl Confetti Pen $5

#36 Diamond Pen $5

SS37 teddy bear pen 37 $3.jpg
SS38 squishy panda pen 38 $5.jpg
SS39 dog man cat kids pen 39 $2.jpg
SS40 squishy pop ball 40 $5.jpg

#37 Extra Long Teddy Bear Pen $3

#38 Panda Squishy Pen $5

#39 Dog Man or Cat Kid Pen $2

#40 Squishy Pop Ball $5



Please ask for bookmarks using the number

Number is indicated by a hashtag #

Bookmarks are 50 cents each

SS41 bookmarks 41-52 50 cents.jpg

#41 I Heart Science

#42 Hello in Many Languages (green)

#43 Hit the Cover Off the Ball

#44 Love Triangles

#45 Thank You in Many Languages

#46 Whatever You Do, Always Give 100%

     (Unless You're Giving Blood)

#47 Reduce, Recycle, Reuse This Bookmark

#48 Hello in Many Languages (blue)

#49 How to Say "My Name Is" in 13 Languages

#50 Stand Out from the Crowd

#51 Be Positive

#52 Slammin!

#45 Thank You in Many Languages

#53 Compli-Mints

#48 Hello in Many Languages (blue)

#54 Bugs Are Awesome!

#55 Bring Your A-Game

#43 Hit the Cover Off the Ball

#56 Where Is the Bathroom? in Many Languages

#49 How to Say "My Name Is" in 13 Languages

#57 Science, It Works

#58 I Luv Nerds

#47 Reduce, Recycle, Reuse This Bookmark

#56 Where Is the Bathroom? in Many Languages

SS53 bookmarks 53-62 50 cents.jpg


Please ask for posters using the number

Number is indicated by a hashtag #

Posters are $5 each

Poster 1_edited.jpg
Poster 2_edited.png
poster 3.jpg
poster 4.jpg

#1 Green Car (A)

#2 Chase Rainbows

#3 The Mandalorian

#4 Just One More Game

Poster 5.png
poster 6.jpg
poster 7.jpg
Poster 8.png

#5 Give It All You Got

#6 The Raiders

#7 Pikachu

#8 Stay Cool

poster 9.jpg
poster 10.jpg
poster 11.jpg
Poster 12.png

#9 NFL Helmets

#10 Green Car (B)

#11 Donuts & Chill

#12 Be You-tiful

Poster 13.png
Poster 14_edited.png
poster 15.jpg

#13 Stay Chill

#14 Purple Car

#15 Green Car (C)